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It’s coming around to that time of the year where our favourite little festive troublemaker, elf on the shelf makes an appearance once again. Santa’s elves are said to have been dispatched from the North Pole to every home in December to watch over the children in the house! Kids love the fun that awaits them each day with elf on the shelf, and us parents love to remind our little ones to stay on their best behaviour! 


Parents will often write letters to their children from Elf on the Shelf from the North Pole to tell them about his arrival and introduce the character into the family. This can be done in a simple letter and can help get your child excited and in the know about this festive tradition. The letter can often state that he will write a letter to Santa if you child has been naughty or nice, and this often encourages the little ones to be on their best behaviour all throughout December – much to our delight!


This means we have to come up with new and creative ideas of where to put this festive character each day. Don’t worry, we’ve got some handy tips, tricks and places to hide this mischievous character this Christmas.

  • Putting him in a pair of slippers, riding down the stairs. 
  • If you child has a potty use this to your advantage and make elf on the shelf go, this might help if you are toilet training!
  • Have him take a bubble bath in a bath of mini marshmallows or a bath with your children.
  • Have him do the hoovering; this might encourage your little one to join in!
  • Put him head first in the biscuit tin stealing a midnight biscuit
  • Sit him in the fridge helping himself to some food
  • Spread some flour out and have him make flour snow angels
  • Have him trying to open one of the doors of your child’s advent calendar
  • Have him join the family at breakfast or dinner time
  • Have the elf beside a family portrait – make him part of the family.
  • Elf yoga – this can be fun trying to get him into different positions
  • Sneaking into the dog or cat treats for a snack
  • Using dads shaving cream in the bathroom
  • Out in the garden – if you have a swing or trampoline, take advantage of this!
  • Writing a letter to Santa on the computer or laptop

Elf on the shelf is a fun time of the year to get your child excited about Christmas. It’s a great reminder for them to be on their best behaviour throughout December. This is a great family tradition that will leave your little ones wanting more… which means more hard work for us as we find new places to hide him each year! 


Let us know if you have any other naughty hiding places for our little elf this Christmas! Tag us in your photos on our Facebook page

Love, The Wee Boutique

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