How to keep your children warm in the winter month

 It’s that time of the year where we have officially hit the mornings where we now need to scrape the cars! And keeping your children warm during these months is another task all us mums have to battle.

But don’t worry - We have some top tips to ensure your little ones stay snuggy throughout winter!

1. Materials

When thinking about how to keep your children warm in winter, it’s important to think about different materials. Wool is a great option for keeping you or your children warm as it acts as a good insulator. This is often the reason that winter coats are often lined with wool. Although wool can easily absorb water, wooly gloves and hats are perfect for those cold and brisk mornings. Polyester is also great at keeping the heat in. Not only does the material keep you warm, the qualities give many other benefits for cold and wet weather such as its water resistance, its ability to keep you warm, and the fact that it is long-lasting. Polyester is also great as it dries quickly as any water that gets on it, lies on the surface.

2. Layers, layers, layers!

Layering your little ones is key to ensuring that they never feel the harsh cold of winter. Having multiple layers on will help to keep all the heat in. The layers will keep the warm air trapped in between the layers, acting as an insulator. Although it’s important to keep the layers thin, too many thick layers can be uncomfortable and can cause your child to overheat. Experts recommend using the “one-more-layer” rule, where if you feel warm and comfortable with 2 layers, your child needs 3!

3. Snowsuits are a child’s best friend

A snowsuit is much better for trapping in heat than a pair of jeans for those children who are under 3, and are extra comfy for your child. They are also great at ensuring your child stays dry if they are out in the snow. As children get older, their bodies are better at regulating heat and a warm winter jacket is perfect for the colder days.

4. A hat

A hat is the perfect way to make sure your little one stays snug when heading out on a winter day. A hat helps protect their ears from the cold and also makes them look very cute! Our gorgeous range of hats can be found here (the bobble hats our our personal favourite!)

5. Socks and boots

Making sure your child has at least 2 pairs of socks on in winter will help them to stay warm and their feet to stay dry. Winter boots with a good grip are great for when it is icy underfoot! A change of socks and shoes is always good to carry with you, as you never know what your little one will get up to! Wrapping up warm and layering is the key to braving the winter and ensuring your child is kept warm throughout.

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