How to Dress your Baby for a Christening or Baptism

Dress your baby beautifully in one of our Sarah Louise christening and baptism outfits.  These are now available in store and online.  Whether it's your prince or princess you will not be disappointed with our gorgeous gowns and outfits made from premium fabrics which come in different styles and designs.   We have a great selection of accessories such as shoes, socks and headbands to complement all outfits as well as little traditional gifts.

Does anyone remember the very ancient Scottish Tradition "Christening Piece?" 

A Christening Piece was given to the first child you met after your child was christened.  If the newborn was a girl, this Piece was given to the first male child you saw in the street after the Christening, and a female if other way around.  The piece might have consisted of a biscuit or large slice of christening cake wrapped up along with a  silver coin within it.  

My mum gave out a christening piece the day my son was christened in 2011.  Would love to hear your comments if you did something similar?

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