Baby's First Christmas

The countdown to Christmas is on, which means stress, stress and more stress, especially if it's your baby’s first Christmas! You want to make the first visit from Santa a special one, and one that you’ll remember for years to come. But don’t feel pressure to make it perfect as your baby is likely to not remember this day. 



 This speaks for itself. Making sure you are organised is easier said than done. Writing a list of all the things you’ll need is a great way to keep on what you’ve bought; what you still need to get and can make you feel a lot more organised! You’ll want to make the day as special and memorable as possible so making sure everything is organised will help the day go a lot smoother. 


Buy a cute Christmas outfit

Christmas is a special time for everyone, especially for your little one. This is a great excuse to dress your baby up as silly or as smart as you wish. A cute Santa or elf outfit makes for some incredibly cute photos. Alternatively, a dress or lovely little one-piece suit will look just as dashing on your little one and will complete those family pictures. This Sarah Louise dress is one of our favourites for Christmas! 


The first Santa’s grotto visit 

Visiting Santa in his Grotto may seem like a daunting thing to do, especially if your child is under 6 months. Taking your baby to visit Santa will start a tradition and may even excite them and get them ready for Christmas.  Although the festivities of Christmas may be too much for your child and may cause some upset, but it’s really up to how your child will react in this situation. 



 You may already have family traditions when it comes to Christmas and now your child is part of that too. If not, creating a tradition with your baby will give them something nostalgic that they will remember as they grow up. Whether that be leaving milk and cookies for Santa or getting new pyjama’s each Christmas Eve will help your child as they grow up to look forward to this tradition each year. 



You will want to remember this day forever and there are loads of things to help you to do this. A ‘1st my Christmas’ ornament or hanging tree decorations with your child’s name can hold so much sentimental value and many memories from this day. A photo album is great for being able to look back and remember this period. Capture the best moments from the day with a camera but spend time off lenses and enjoy the day. 


Christmas Day 

Enjoy it! Don’t stress and have fun. Christmas is for the whole family and having a new addition to that will only make the day extra special. Christmas can be an overwhelming time for young children so ensuring they are the key to making sure you enjoy it too! The advice from many mum’s is to open the presents throughout the day, that way your baby won’t feel too overwhelmed and will add some structure to the day. 


Overall, Christmas is the most magical time of the year. Having your new baby will create an extra buzz around for the whole family and it’s important that both mother and baby enjoy the day! The memories will last forever and family traditions will help to make this a very special day. 

 Love, The Wee Boutique x

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